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What is the coverage area for FliexiNET Broadband services?

How much data do I have?

All our packages come with unlimited data usage!

What to do if you are having troubles getting online?

We recommend power cycling your router and FlexiNET radio. Follow these steps to complete a power cycle.

1)      Unplug the POE Adaptor from the electrical outlet

2)      Wait 30 seconds

3)      Plug the POE Adaptor back in the outlet

4)      The radio should power up and reconnect within 30-45 seconds of plugging the POE back in

5)      To power cycle your router follow the same steps but with your routers power cord instead of the POE

What type of equipment is used by FlexiNET

Here is a summary of the equipment that is used by FlexiNET Broadband.

Network Examples (PDF)

Type of FlexiNET Customer Radios (PDF)

POE Examples (PDF)