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 Residential Wireless Plans

Thank you for your interest in FlexiNET Broadband Services. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

We will need to schedule a technician for a free site survey to determine if services can be delivered to your location.

Call us to discuss various subscription options.

To get you started, we can help by financing the equipment and installation costs.

Payment plans to help you with the required equipment and installation costs would be added on to your monthly subscription:
1 year subscription service contract: $25.00 per month for equipment | 2 year subscription service contract: $20.00 per month for equipment | 3 year subscription service contract: $15.00 per month for equipment (All prices before Tax)

PLEASE NOTE: We do not charge for overage. *Please call for additional information and to schedule a site survey*

 Business Wireless Plans

Technology working to keep you ahead.

Unlimited Monthly Business Internet Data for our collaborative world.

Office Phone and Internet bundle plans available.

No matter what business you’re in, there’s a FlexiNET plan that will give you the competitive edge you need.  So, harness the power of the Internet to easily bring teams together to connect and collaborate — no travel required — with customizable business plans to suit your needs. Let’s work better together.

 VoIP Telephone Plans

Affordable Home and Business VoIP Telephone Service available from FlexiNET.

Enjoy flawless call quality even in remote areas. Our VoIP telephone service is specially designed for life in the East Kootenays. Whether you live in the FlexiNET service area, or anywhere in between, our phone service is perfect for you.

  • Keep your current phone number
  • VoIP 911 on every account
  • Choose an additional phone number for $3/month, from virtually anywhere in the country, so your friends and family can call you without long distance charges
  • Call forward to your cell phone or have it hunt through all of your phone numbers so you never miss a call
  • Great rates on long distance!
  • Conference calling available
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • Receive email voicemail notifications